Frameworks Community Development Corporation transforms communities and the lives of lower
income families. In a changing housing market with significant challenges because of the
economic downturn, Frameworks has created a flexible, comprehensive strategy to meet the
homeownership needs of hard working families and individuals in Central Texas.
  • Through Home Buyer Education and Counseling, Frameworks makes homeownership
    possible for families, especially Hispanic and African American, who have not previously
    had that opportunity. Frameworks has made the dream of homeownership a reality for
    many families.
  • Communities are stabilized as Frameworks Recycles Foreclosures for Affordable
    Housing by acquiring bank owned foreclosed homes, rehabilitating the homes, and
    making them available to families for affordable homeownership or rental housing.  
    Neighborhoods are stabilized and families attain completely renovated homes at
    affordable prices.
  • By intervening through Foreclosure Prevention Counseling, Frameworks helps families to
    save their homes from the threat of foreclosure.  Fully certified Foreclosure Prevention
    Counselors help families to understand their options and to communicate with their
    lender about practical solutions.
  • Knowledge fights poverty.  Information and skills gained through Financial Literacy
    Education programs allow families and individuals to gain control of their resources,
    manage credit and address debt issues.
Contact us if you are interested in Home Buyer Education and Counseling, Purchasing one of
the Frameworks CDC affordable, rehabilitated homes, Help to Save a Home from Foreclosure,
or Financial Literacy Education.  
Phone: 512.385.1500        Fax: 512.385.1503

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Can be used for the following
Down Payment Assistance Programs:
Wells Fargo's LIFT
City of Austin
Travis County
Texas Department of Housing
Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation